Bluechip offer the most comprehensive and flexible line of balers for sale designed to compact cardboard, plastic, paper and other packaging material. Mil-tek Air-Powered balers have a very small footprint, being suitable for all types of business facilities (from Petrol Stations to Manufacturing or Distribution Centers)

Miltek Air Powered Balers

The Mil-tek range of Air Powered Balers and General Waste Compactors provide a flexible alternative to hydraulic machinery or containers and dumpsters. The Balers can be installed inside or outside to accommodate small premises where space is a premium (Restaurants, Retailers etc.). Having no hydraulic parts or oils, our baling machines is suitable for Hospitals, Kitchens and other food preparation areas. Mil-tek Balers are also safe and easy to use and maintain, and their small footprint enables them to be located in any type of business.

Mil-tek Air Powered Balers use constant pressure to make dense bales whilst using low energy consumption. A Mil-tek baling machine locks the pressing plate in the ‘down position’while the door is closed, this creates constant pressure which makes material such as plastic lose its memory. This makes it much faster and easier to load more material and therefore make a bale faster and denser compared with a typical hydraulic Baler. Mil-tek Air Powered Balers are equipped with the patent ECOdrive Energy Saving System.

Miltek Compactors


Bluechip is a leading provider of Mil-tek X-Press General Waste Compactor offers unique solutions for compacting general waste, including food waste into manageable plastic bag, achieving an effective volume reduction ratio of up to 10:1. These general waste compactor machines can conveniently be located either close to the source of waste or in a designated area for the bags to be placed directly into skips and bins. As they use no hydraulic oils they can be placed in the kitchen area and waste can be handled as it is created.

Compacting mixed waste at source and inside the building has the following benefits which can have a major impact on the hygiene, safety and general environmental atmosphere on a standard kitchen / food related business:

  • Improved hygiene and sanitation
  • Improved Internal Logisitcs
  • Improved staff safety
  • Savings on less skips – Reduced skip, collection frequency
  • Reduce bad odours and pests from skips/bins during warm summer months


Ideal compactors for compacting expanded polystyrene, sytrofoam and thermocol, designed to reduce waste costs throughout many business sectors. EPS is used for packaging in many industries as it protects valuable items during transportation. The problem comes when businesses look to dispose of unwanted polystyrene packaging as the material is light and hard to dispose of. As compacted polystyrene is quite valuable, recycling is by far the best route offering substantial savings when compared to placing in general waste, landfill bins / skips.