Wireless calling Products and Solutions

Wireless Calling Solutions • Fixed Receiver / Watch Receiver(Mobile Receiver)- Wireless servant paging system,waiter call button, table bell,display receiver, display • One-button Pager/Multi-button Pager/Multi-functional Pager • Coaster Paging System- Coaster Paging System Customers take food to use. • Signal Amplifier – Wireless signal amplifier for the calling system. To enlarge signal coverage. (optional accessory) • Wireless Calling System – Wireless Alarm Display System for for hotel,Rooms,Call Waiter • Kitchen Call Waiter System – Chef Can Press a Button to Buzzer a Waiter with Watch Display to Pick up the Already Dishes • Wireless Hotel Service System – for Hotel,Restaurant,Coffee Shop,Kitchen,Hospital,Golf Club • Hospitals and Nursing Homes Call System • Wireless Restaurant Service Call System • Entertainment Service Call System • Construction Site Calling System – Wireless Construction pagers with Receiver for Calling Elevator, Reserved

RFID Based Solutions

• Asset Tracking Automation- Counting Operations are Safer and Faster Now! • Tag Pass System with RFID-Fast Pass with UHF RFID! • Production Monitoring Automation-Full Control at Every Stage of Production! • Instant Tracking with Navizard- Avoid from possible accidents with RFID technology! • Personnel Tracking and Vipas VIP Pass System – Track Your Employee on Time and Location Basis! • Warehouse and Shipment Automation-100% Customer Satisfaction with Error-Free Shipping Management • Smart Forensic Asset Management-Future Standards Are Already Set In Courthouses! • Intellicount Rapid Counting-Product count is in your hands only with a device and a click! • RFID Application at Libraries- Counting Operations are faster and safer! • Textile and Retail Shopping Solution-Increase Your Profitability without compromising from Quality! • RFID Technology in Jewellery-Product Count is in Your Hands with a Click! • Intelli WeighBridge Automation-System that Removes the Requirement of an Operator!