Vehicle GPS tracking System

eTechTracker is GPS based vehicle tracking system. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system that provides reliable location and time information in all weather and at all times and anywhere on or near the Earth there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. eTechTracker provides Internet-based access to live vehicle tracking and asset management. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions with a quick glance.

Employee Transportation Tracking System (eTech Roaster)

eTechRoster is a complete suite consiting of web application and android application, especially designed to assist in the complex task of organizing employee shift schedules (also known as rosters) for small and large organizations. eTechRoster is time-efficient and user-friendly, providing the user with a convenient and intuitive way of creating schedules quickly. It not only tracks employee but also tracks vehicle through GPS device. For your employee’s benefits, all notifications can be sent by sms. eTechRosters eliminate any confusion around working hours and obtain clear acknowledgement from employees by efficiently sending pick – up/drop notifications directly to their mobile phone. This would take it to the next level in Employee Transportation in order to quickly and efficiently to solve automated scheduling, tracking as well as paperless data transfer. Finally resulting in a quantifiable decrease in the time and cost of employee transportation, this net decrease in costs and overheads, quickly translates to an increase in profits. This application also help to enhance the security of the employees and the assets.

School Bus Tracking System (eTech School Bus)

eTechSchoolBus is a complete school bus security solution to sort all the Issues releated to the children travel by delivering proper updates to the Parents on each and every move of their kids.

According to a survey, it has been found that parents are extremely worried about their children when they are on the way to school in school bus. The key reason of worrying is increase in crime,rash driving of school bus driver etc. Hence the tracking of school bus is the ultimate solution.