Our products are manufactured using high quality raw materials and precision technology and designed in Germany. The machineries used for manufacturing are imported from Germany and our skilled work force and good quality control ensures that the end product stands out in the market. Compared to the market leader in India our products are better in quality. Weight of the product is directly related to the performance. We contribute approximately 300 grams of insulation per Litre vs 135 grams of insulation by the market leader. Good insulation and our good quality ice packs becomes a great combination and give a good performance.

Our insulation Products are widely used in cold chain logistics, catering industry, marine Industries and outdoor activities. Our time tested products will be helpful for your organization on transporting frozen items from your central supply point to various outlets with minimal loss of temperature, acceptable as per the industry and health standards and at a minimal cost compared to use of refrigerated vehicle. Cost wise it will be more viable to use the L series rather than a refrigerated vehicle for small quantities. We supply the Hospitality Industry with a range of food service equipment, which includes food pan carriers, ice boxes, barrels, ice caddies, dish caddies etc. All of our elegant products are synonymous with Hygiene, Efficient Storage, and Convenience. With our elegantly designed products, we aim to provide a new dimension to the hospitality industry’s need for hygiene, storage, handling and transportation. We are committed to deliver quality products and after sales services We look forward to forging long-term relationships with our esteemed customers.

Our Product Series
  • Ice Boxes
  • Food Pan Carriers
  • Delivery Boxes
  • Food Containers
  • Ice Caddy
  • Food Barrel
  • Tea/Beverage Barrel
  • Cylindrical Food Carrier
  • Dish Caddy
  • Go Carts
  • Food Pans
  • Meal Box